The inspiration center where find, save and collect your inspiration.
 Your collections & moodboards are always accessible from your tablet & smartphone.
All the collections can be downloaded as PDF in A4 / A3 size.
With Vilize is possible to design your own moodboards inside your browser with the layout you want.
User profiles.
Easy import Plug-In for browsers.
Collections & moodboards are ready for all devices. You can download them in high-resolution PDF and share them via Mail, Facebook, Twitter & Google+ 
Drag & Drop is the way you save, upload and collect the materials. Drag & Drop to design your moodboard. Drag & Drop is how you suggest files to your friends!
Rating system.
Multiple view options.
Notification system. 
Vilize is a project by Francesco Fiore, Andrea Ascari & Andrea Papi.


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