VanFan will give every fan of van life, nature lover, adventurer, experience sharer, sports lover the chance to travel in all Europe through its rental and relocation opportunities.
Whoever will fall in love with this lifestyle will have the possibility to buy our vans exporting them from the county of origin and registering them in the country of own residency.
Who has his own van and wants to realise his dream to convert it into a camper van but doesn’t have the time or the know how, can rely on our services. We will make your wishes come true.
VanFan is also willing to create an information network through our customers willing to share their experiences.
proposal 1
“Traveling is like flirting with life”: if freedom becomes the keyword of the travel inspiration our goal is to make your dream come true.
Share a lifestyle by giving the opportunity to discover a unique way of traveling which connects human needs to the nature and established cultures within four walls which insure wellbeing.
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